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I have been using your brilliant app for a couple of years, I love it and use it all the time. I have just changed to iPhone, so I can’t use the app anymore. Do you have any plans to make your app available to Apple users? Thanks.

Admin reply: I have been working on a new app called ExotiKeeper (release for Android) using a framework that supports iOS and have been testing the app in an iOS emulator. Although the app seems to work using an emulator, I have yet to publish it to the App Store since the store have so many requirements. I'm working on them and HOPEFULLY be able to release the app in a couple of months.


Hi, How can I get rid of advertising? What di I need to do? Regards, Peter

Admin reply: Hi, please send an email to Thank you!
Device: Samsung Galaxy
App Version: 2.09.05


Please make this app available for iPhone users as well

Admin reply: Working on it *fingers crossed* ;)


Good day! I am simply wondering if you are planning on converting your app so that it can also run on iOS. It seems absolutely amazing, and with already 60+ tarantulas in my care I would definitely use it :) I know (well, I dont actually... its probably a lot more than I think) that the amount of work required to do is probably astronomical, but I figured Id inquire anyway. Best regards, David

Admin reply: Thank you for the message.
We are currently porting the Tarantulas app to an new framework that supports iOS.
For now our priority is Android but we plan to try it our on iOS later on when we have a stable Android version.

Device: iPhone
App Version: n/a


How do I add a T to the memorial

Admin reply: Go to your tarantula's info page, click on your tarantula's status and change accordingly.
Device: 07838373294


Are you going to make an iphone version of the app??! i know alot of keepers would love this for iphone too! me included!
Device: iphone
App Version: none


May i please have a list of meanings for the icons
Device: Samsumg A6
App Version: 2.09.01


Hi, I am a tarantula keeper from Hungary and I have a blog about tarantulas. I use your application and I love it so much. Would you mind if I post an article about it on my blog? My blog is: You can also find me on instagram: I hope you dont mind if I write about your application. I am absolutely satisfied with it. Regards, Peter

Admin reply: Please do and I'd be glad to help if I can.
Device: Xiaomi redmi 3s


Props, very nice app.. What about a german translation ? Regards, Marc
Device: Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact
App Version: 2.08.80


Hello! Is there a way to install this app on Apple products? Id love to use it to keep track of my growing collection!

Admin reply: Hi, I don't know if that is possible on an iPhone. For mac computers, you can install an android emulator like Nox, Bluestacks or KoPlayer, not sure if they all have versions for mac though. And I don't know if notifications would work.
Device: iPhone 5
App Version: None


Hi. Is there no way to change molt date? I would like to have that. Just set the wrong date and want to correct it. Thanks for this life saver ????

Admin reply: Hi, you can manually edit the molt history.
Device: 709329475
App Version: 2.08.77


Could you consider adding to the Apple App Store? I’m stuck in this eco system and I want your app!

Admin reply: I'd love to make one for iOS since I've received a lot of emails and messages asking me about it, unfortunately I don't have the knowledge and resources to start working on an iOS app.


Is it possible to send the information for a tarantula to someone elses account? I am sending one of my MM to a friend and want them to have his record since being with me

Admin reply:
There's a Transfer and Receive data feature.
To send data, open the spider's information page, click menu and choose 'Send Data'.
Once successful, a transfer code will be displayed in a popup dialog which you need to give to the spider's recipient.
Now, to receive data, in the recipient's tarantula list, click menu and choose 'Receive Data'.
A dialog box will popup where s/he can input the transfer key.

Please note that images will not be transferred.

Device: Huaweii tablet
App Version: 2.08.77


I have been trying to introduce your app to others, but some have Apple. Will there be a version for Apple?

Admin reply: I'd love to make one for iOS since I've received a lot of emails and messages asking me about it, unfortunately I don't have the knowledge and resources to start working on an iOS app.I am very sorry.
Device: Nokia 3310 ;)
App Version: 2.08.77


Nice app! But please can you make same app for Scorpions?

Admin reply: There's an option to add custom species, you can add whatever you like. Some users add their scorpions and centipedes. Please see the app's FAQs for more info.
Device: Android
App Version: Newest


can you give me a brief description of all icons used on the t pictures? one of mine has a golden/orange t on it and idk why. thank you

Admin reply: We have sent you an email regarding your request.
Device: android
App Version: newest


Hi! I used to mod the Tarantula Owners Worldwide Facebook group and I remember talking with you about the app. Ive sent you a donation and have asked others in the other group Im currently in (The Tarantula Community) to also donate. I simply love the app and use it every day.
Device: N/A
App Version: N/A


Would you consider making for iOS I saw a post of this on tarantula group on Facebook there’s nothing like this on iOS at all would even pay for the app

Admin reply: I'd love to make one for iOS since I've received a lot of emails and messages asking me about it, unfortunately I don't have the knowledge and resources to start working on an iOS app.I am very sorry.
Device: Ios


When I try to save the second tarantula I added I get an error (java.lang.nullpointerexception:...) also If i try to add a phot it just ends up being a black icon

Admin reply: Thank you for reporting an issue. We'll try to resolve this ASAP.
Device: google pixel 2 xl
App Version: 2.08.55


Wont let me update anything in my T stuff nor save multiple Ts

Admin reply: Thank you for reporting an issue. We'll try to resolve this ASAP.
Device: Samsung Galaxy note 4
App Version: Newest


Hey, Im using the QR codes and if I scan one, click add molt, confirm the date and then exit the app the molt doesnt save. After reopening the app the molt I added is gone.

Admin reply: Hi Daniel, we'll look into it. Thank you.
Update: Fixed on version 2.08.41. Thank you.

Device: Huawei Mate 20 Pro
App Version: 2.08.40


Will your fantastic looking app be available for iOS any time soon? I and a lot of other keepers in Australia have been looking at your app lately and we would all love it on iOS! We are jealous of the android people!
Device: +61477880514


Hi I cant restore data from my device back onto the app. 120 spiders with over a years worth of info

Admin reply: We've sent you an email. If you haven't received it, you can send an email to and we'll try to help you.
Device: Samsung galaxy S8+
App Version: 2.08.40


Can your company please make this app available for iPhone in the United States my Samsung just died and all I have is an iPhone six and I need your app so I can take care of my tarantula
Device: Samsung
App Version: Idk


I absolutely love this app! Its soooo nice. I just have a thought. All of the apps like this for reptiles are mediocre.. I just wanted to suggest maybe making an app like yours for reptiles too! I seriously using it for my Ts, and would love the same thing for my reptiles! Just a thought. :)
Device: 9077502807


Hi there. Can we PLEASE get an export function to export to csv or even xls. PLEASE! I think a lot of people have noted this in their reviews. PLease make this awesome app even better. Thank you
Device: 747331225
App Version: v2.08.32


Great app ..... the best Ive ever seen. Im using it for a several years now. Im also waiting for a desktop version ? Is this coming ?
Device: Android
App Version: 2.08.33


hi there, your app is awesome, i have suggestion for this. can you add prices system with that report / filter including price, total or summary
Device: Android Asus
App Version: 2.08.33


Hi is there a way to send all this info to the new owner if they use the app to!?

Admin reply: Not at the moment
Device: 07840041266
App Version: Latest


How do I export my tarantula list to a text file or excel?

Admin reply: It's currently not possible.
Device: 747331225
App Version: v2.08.32


Dear friends, you created great app, I would have one suggestion - could not you make automatic sorting after doing some changes? I mean that if I have sorted by feed date and I add feeding to any of my T´s, the list is not updated automatically. Thank you. Petr

Admin reply: Thanks for the message.Unfortunately it is not possible.


I am trying to figure out how to print the labels with QR codes. I can generate the label through the app, but i cant figure out where they are saved or how to print them. any help is appreciated.

Admin reply: The labels should be in your sdcard/mytarantulas/qr folder.Thank you!
Device: galaxy s7 edge


Hi. just wondering if you have any plans to add a synch feature? We love the app and use it on my husbands phone, but it would be great for us (as we both look after the Ts) to have it running & live on both our devices... Thanks

Admin reply: The app currently has an option to backup and restore from Dropbox.You can use that feature to sync your devices.
Device: HTC One M8


Hi there! I was hoping to know when this app will be available for IOS users? It looks amazing! And I’m hearing great things about it, but sad that I cannot use it yet. This would help so much! Thanks, Tara

Admin reply: I'd love to make one for iOS since I've received a lot of emails and messages asking me about it, unfortunately I don't have the knowledge and resources to start working on an iOS app.I am very sorry.
Device: IOS


Hello, this app is amazing! It really helps a lot! :) But, could you add an option, which would allow user to set Ts size showed as L or inch individually for each T? I mean, I have N. coloratovillosus, and she is 3 inches BL. But on the other hand, I have my P. irminia L5 and a few slings. But I can only set L or inch for all Ts, not for every single one. It would be really helpful!


Ill donate again, anything to get rud if the damn adds

Admin reply: We've sent you an email. Thank you!
Device: Gakaxy tab 3 Sprint edition
App Version: Latest


Do you have any plans to make an iOS version of this app? I don’t think there are any at the moment. Thanks for your time Rob
Device: iPhone


I would like to know if there is a pro version I can buy without adverts? Thanks
Device: Samsung S9


We should be able to donate with a google play balance. I have google play rewards $$$ I can send your way!
Device: N/A
App Version: N/A


Dropbox is failing to connect: dropbox server exception nginx 400 (v1_retired)

Admin reply: Dropbox updated their API and deprecated the old one. I'll try to fix this asap.
Device: 3032417845
App Version: 2.07.48


This app works flawlessly on both my devices. Is there anyway you could add the option to sync between different devices? I have to update both devices since my son and I both take care of the tarantulas and we have to continously tell each other the feeding/watering info. Also would be nice if it backed up automatically online to Gdrive. I recently had to factory reset my phone and the backup and data were both wiped and I have to start all over again.
Device: Samsung Galaxy S5 and Note 4
App Version: 2.07.43


This a great app, I have used it for a year. However, your last update broke the ability to add pictures. I now get the same error every time, "Cannot edit pictures under 50 x 50 pixels", no matter what size image I try and use. Straight from the camera works though. Thanks Colin
Device: HTC One M9
App Version: 2.07.43


Hi. I wanted to ask if there would be any problem in recommending your app "Tarantulas" on my youtube channel. The channel is about animals. Thanks in advance. Sincerely Goro. Channel:
Device: Xiaomi Redmi Note 2
App Version: v2.07.40


Works Fine. Thanks alot!
Device: ASUS Padfone S (T00-N)
App Version: 2.07.30


Love the is a lifesaver. I would make a suggestion regarding the menu selection placement. There are times up in the right hand corner that they are unresponsive unless you do a small scroll of the main area, and a bit of separation between the settings, sort, search and batch menus would be really nice. Keep up the great work!
Device: nexus 7 2014
App Version: 2.07.16

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