Hi, my name is Patrick "Erick" Banaag and I created the Tarantulas for Android app!

Here's a little back story...

When I started with the hobby I found a free app that allows for only a few entries and you'll have to pay to get more slots. The number of entries was ok early in the hobby, but when I got more and more spiders, I needed more slots and since I'm a software developer, actually, I just don't want to pay for more slots ;), I decided to make my own and used the free app as basis.
I wasn't really planning on releasing the app to the public since it wasn't my original idea and it was around 70 to 80% similar back then, but I'm happy I did. It has now grown so much and a lot of the features were from user suggestions. Without users' input/suggestions, the app would not be what it is now.

You can read more about me and the app from Tom's Big Spiders blog

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