Tarantulas for Android

Tarantulas is an Android app that can help you organize your tarantula collection.
Keep track of your pets' molt dates, feeding schedules and a lot more!

Basic Features:
– Add description/information about your tarantula pet
– List feeding history, days hungry and feeders used
– Shows molt history with option to add days hungry before the molt and days between the last molt dates, may help predict/estimate when the next molt will be
– Shows a popup notification/reminder of Ts that needs to be fed
– T image gallery, can be used to look back on the progress of your Ts' growth

HOW–TO: add, edit or delete species:
• From 'My Tarantulas' List, click menu and choose 'more' then choose 'Update Species List.
   – To add species, click the '+' icon at the top right.
   – To edit/delete existing, click on the species entry and choose an option from the popup box.
• From Add/Edit Tarantula info.
   – To add species, click menu and choose 'Add Species'.
   – To edit existing, select the genus and species then long click the country field.

Dear User,
This software is provided to you free of charge, I'm sharing this to help make it easier for fellow hobbyists keep records of their beloved eight–legged pets.
If you find issues, please send me an email, I cannot solve your problem by leaving unfriendly comments, tell me the issue and I'll do my best to solve it.
Please leave a comment and if you like this app, please do share to other hobbyists!
If you find bugs or have suggestions to improve the app, or if you have a feature you think would help, please send me an email and I'll see what can be done.


Thu Jan 21, 2021

Great app! Very useful. Would love to use it without ads.

Wed Jan 20, 2021

I've had this app for about 7-8 months and it really keeps everything organized and the way I want it. It can get pretty specific on each species you have like ""how much humidity and room temperature is required"". It even sends notifications on when its each of your T's feeding time to what you set it too. The only thing I would add is maybe add some Jumping Spider Species in it. I have a Phiddipus Audax and I can't make a profile for it because its not a T (I mean I understand why), but 10/10!

Thu Jan 14, 2021

This is an excellent tool for anybody who keeps tarantulas or any other inverts! This app lets you keep a detailed catalogue of when your animals were last fed and/or watered, when they last molted and how long they fasted prior, how long their last molt cycle was, when they were last rehoused, when and where they were purchased, and so many other things. It also gives you optional push notifications when one or more of your animals are due to be fed, making sure you don't forget.

Mon Jan 4, 2021

Love this app. It helps with keeping up with everything. Thank you =

Sat Dec 19, 2020

Great app. Helps me keep track of when my ts eat, how long their premolt lasts, rehousing, growth rate etc.

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In-app Ads

Tarantulas app is displaying advertisements inside the app.

An option to remove the ads temporarily for two weeks has been provided to users.
Users can access this option by going into the app's Settings page.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I change my tarantula's picture as it is currently displaying the default Tarantulas logo?
First, open your tarantula's info page. Click on the default logo and choose 'Change'. You can then choose a picture from your gallery or take a new picture using your favorite camera app.

2. I hope to be able to see previous pictures of my tarantula. How can I do it?
There are two ways to view your tarantula(s)' pictures.
One is from your tarantula list. Click on the menu icon and choose 'All Pictures'.
Two, from your tarantula's info page, click on the picture and choose 'View Gallery'.

3. I want to delete old pictures of my tarantula(s). How can I do it?
When you're in the picture gallery, long click on a picture and choose 'Delete'.
Or you can enable the multi-select option, choose the picture(s) you want to delete, click menu then choose 'Delete'

4. I have a tarantula that is not listed in the species list. How can I add it?
There are two ways to add a missing species.
One, from your tarantula list, click on the menu icon and choose 'More', then choose 'Update Species List'. Click on the '+' icon on top to add the missing species.
Two, from the tarantula's add/info page, click menu and choose 'Add Species'.

5. I have a tarantula species that has been moved/renamed. How can I update it?
There are two ways to update a tarantula's species.
One, from your tarantula list, click on the menu and choose 'More', then choose 'Update Species List'. Click on the species to be updated and choose update.
Two, from your tarantula's info page, long click the 'Country' field for the update species option.

6. I received multiple slings of the same species. Is there a way to copy the first information that I entered so I don't have to add them one by one?
To do this, go to your tarantula's info page, make sure to save the data first if you've made some changes, then click menu and choose 'Duplicate T info'.

7. I forgot to add feeding date(s). How can I update my feeding history?
Use the feed function multiple times, depending on the number of feedings missed then edit the dates.
To update the dates, go to your tarantula's info page, click menu and choose 'Feed History', choose a date from the list then update as needed.

8. I want to be able to record the feeder I used when I fed my tarantula. How can I do this?
You must first enable 'Prompt for feeder on feeding' under 'GENERAL SETTINGS' from the Settings page, now everytime you feed your tarantula(s), you'll be prompted to add the feeder.
Follow #7 faq if you want to update the feeder(s) for the previous feeding date(s).

9. I accidentally long clicked on feed tarantula. How can I change the feeding date back?
To do this, go to your tarantula's info page, click menu and choose 'Feed History', click on the date you want to delete from the list and choose 'Delete'.

10. How can I receive a notification when I have tarantulas to feed?
Go to your tarantula's info page, click menu and choose 'Feeding Options', select an option then fill-out the appropriate fields:
'every N days' - Enter the number of days between feedings.
'every Nth day(s) of the month' - Choose the day(s) of the month you want to be notified.
'every Nth day of the week' - Choose the day(s) of the week (Mon, Tue, Wed...) and the week number of the month (1st week, 2nd week...) you want to be notified.
For 'every Nth day(s) of the month' and 'every Nth day of the week', fill-out the 'Don't notify if last fed is within X day(s)' so you wont be prompted if you chose to feed earlier than scheduled.
Sample: Feeding every 7th of the month, you fed on the 6th, you may get notified for feeding the next day if you didn't set the 'Don't notify...' accordingly.

11. My tarantula is in pre-molt and I don't want to receive feeding notification.
To not receive feeding notification when your tarantula is in pre-molt, open its info page and mark the 'Pre-molt' checkbox. You will no longer be notified to feed this tarantula. It will automatically be unmarked when you add a molt date.

12. I sent my mature male for a breeding loan but I still get feeding notification.
Go to your tarantula's info page, click on your tarantula's status and choose 'On Breeding Load'. You will not be notified for feeding but make sure to change it to 'Owned' when you recieve him back.

13. What is this 'Molt message' for?
This can be used to note what you plan to do for your tarantula the next time it molts. If you've set a one, you will see a message when you add a new molt date.
I use this to get a reminder like, 'change feeding schedule to X days' etc. ;)

14. I want to record the size per molt of my tarantula. Where can I add it?
I usually add the current size (in inches) after each molt date.
01-14-2014 <Days Prev: 27> <Days Hungry: 9> ~1
02-13-2014 <Days Prev: 30> <Days Hungry: 13> ~1.5
03-09-2014 <Days Prev: 24> <Days Hungry: 10> ~2.25
04-01-2014 <Days Prev: 23> <Days Hungry: 7> ~3
Note: Date, days prev (days from last molt) and days hungry are automatically added when adding a new molt date.

15. I have two (or more) devices. How can I transfer my data to the other devices?
Please use the 'Backup & Restore' function.
Backup your data first, from your tarantula list, click menu and choose 'Backup & Restore' then 'Backup data to Phone Storage'. Data will be save to your device's phone storage (usually in /sdcard/mytarantulas/db/YYYYMMDD, where YYYY - Year, MM - Month and DD - Day).
Move the backup folder to the other device, run the Tarantulas app, click menu and choose 'Backup & Restore' then 'Restore data from Phone Storage'.
Navigate to where you placed the backup folder and click the folder name to get a restore prompt message.

16. I don't have the Dropbox options in 'Backup & Restore' menu. How can I enable it?
Starting at version 2.05.70, you should be able to do a backup and/or restore via Dropbox. First, go to the settings page and scroll down, you should see 'DROPBOX' with a button 'Click to link with your Dropbox account.'
If you currently do not have a dropbox account, you can sign-up for a new account via the button below it (and help me get additional space in the process) or by visiting the Dropbox's home page at www.dropbox.com.

17. What are these shiny little stars on my tarantula's picture?
Starting from version 2.07.23, the app will display these 'stars' when you add a new molt to indicate a freshly molted tarantula. It will disappear when 'Feed N days after molt' is met.

18. I have followed FAQ #10 but I still don't get notifications. Please help.
Tarantulas app need to run in the background. Some devices has a built-in task killer or user installed 3rd party app manager and/or memory optimizer, which kills apps in the background.
To fix the problem, please go through the built-in app or 3rd party app's settings and add Tarantulas app to the whitelist.

19. Tarantulas is not working! All I see is black screen with buttons that are not functional.
On your device, open the main Settings app.
Tap Apps or Application Manager (depending on your device, this may look different).
Choose the Tarantulas app.
Click Permissions.
Please make sure that the toggle button for Storage is checked.

20. Auto-QUICK backup to Dropbox fails.
Please try to re-link with your dropbox account.
To unlink, go to Tarantulas' settings page. Navigate and click the button where it says 'Linked with <YourDropBoxEmailAddress>, click to unlink'.
You can then link the app to your DropBox account again.

21. Can I add my other inverts?
Yes, you can add your other invertebrates. The app provides options to add and update species; use these options to add your other pets. Please see FAQs #4 and #5.

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